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MS Briberi and Lil Red Riding Hood

I have had a passion for Arabians and Half Arabians for over 40 years. I have also admired and worked with many other fine breeds including Tennessee Walkers, Morgans, Saddlebreds, Quarter Horses, Hackney Horses, Welsh Ponies and Dutch Harness Horses. Many of these have been local, regional and national champions that have proven to be sound, willing athletes with intelligence and positive attitudes. I now concentrate on producing quality, well bred, predominantly Polish English performance horses with Champions in Canada and the United States. Now located in South Georgia with a small facility on the beautiful Historic Hawthorn Trail I strive improve my breeding standards by keeping the finest bred broodmares with the bloodlines of Bask, Cognac, Aladdin, Bandos, Medalion, Gdansk, AFire Bey V, Afire's Heir and the great Wielki Szlem. I am dedicated to the development of the horse's abilities and athletic talents so that the horse and it's owner can excel to the highest level possible. While focusing on excellence I focus on what attributes are necessary for success in the showring, all the while sharing in the excitement and thrill of owning a horse with a committment to produce National quality Champions.

Conveniently located just 30 miles north of the Tallahassee, Florida airport is a beautiful peaceful farm with several acres of lush green pasture, round pen, arena, hot walker and a 9 stall barn with tack room and plenty of areas for storage of feed, hay, shavings and equipment. Spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bath house also available.  May be the perfect place for a trainer or breeder looking for a situation.  Contact me if you have interest.


The Historic Hawthorne Trail

A little bit of history runs right through our property

In the early 1800's, William Hawthorne, a Baptist preacher and explorer, blazed atrail through forty miles of wilderness in what is now the Grady County area. Finding the area to his liking, he and his family settled along the area of Tired Creek about three miles south of the present location of Cairo.

A number of Hawthorne's friends, hearing about the area, sold their holdings in North Carolina and ventured down the Hawthorne Trail settling ten miles farther south of Tired Creek. Tired Creek Primitive Baptist Chruch was founded in 1826. By 1828, a number of families had settled the area.



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