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GO TAYLOR!!!  August 2012     First Show





It was another hot, muggy day but Taylor went out there and did it.  She won her age group class and went reserve in her Championship class.  So proud of you Taylor.

Shooting for the STARS at Youth Nationals

Wishing Taylor Harrison and Good and Plenty the best of luck this year in Walk Trot CEP.  Watching for you in Albequerque in July!


If you love dolphins like I do you need to wonder what is happening

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Can't beat a ride on the beach!  A GREAT BIG Thank you to Heidi for taking me to the beach when I was visiting Oregon.  Of course I had to borrow warm clothes, the wind was blowing a strong ocean breeze. 

In the News


Finally had the opportunity to get to Coos Bay to visit Heidi's farm.  What a beautiful facility she has and a real treat to get to meet all the mares I had heard so much about in person.  I coupled the visit with a learner judging position at the Royal Pacific show under Deb Witty.  Thanks to Deb for being a wealth of information in the reining and western division for me.   Oregon is certainly a charming state.


Summer seems to by flying by and still so much to do.  Putting up more fence and just keeping up with all the lush grass.  We were able to take a weekend to go to the MAHA show in Perry last weekend.  Had a great time viisiting with the Fairchilds and they loved Guy's great cooking.  Congratulations to Corky on your 2 Championshp wins!  Go Corky!. Be sure to visit Corky's Horse and Wildlife Gifts website below.  They offer a lot of fabulous gift ideas for the upcoming holidays.  Miss Teakk did a BANG UP job in the show ring.  Pictures to be posted as soon as we receive them. 

JUNE 2009

 We were thrilled to have Heidi's Sause at the farm for the weekend.  Due to her flight being cancelled, we missed her in May but all plans went smoothly and we spent a wonderful weekend together.  For the first time, Heidi rode Erykk and she had a blast.  I was able to catch a picture of her park trotting down the trail (see the photo gallery).  Heidi had brought her new camera with her and caught many pictures of the mares and foals.  Looking forward to your next visit Heidi.

MAY 2009

Congratulations! to Gene and Erin Lacroix on their big win at Churchill downs with Cafe Uno.  Gene and Erin have ventured into training Thourougbred Race Horses too and this was a big win just before the Derby.  How exciting, can't wait to see what their up and coming TB's are doing.


Erykk MF's 2009 foal crop is hitting the ground trotting!  He is putting a stamp on them all with excellent conformation, wide eyes, small muzzles and great temperments.  Watch our website for updated photos.

Kim Morris of Mirage Arabians told me that she loves the wideset eyes and teacup muzzle on her filly.  She is so impressed with the foal that she has chosen to breed her best mare to Erykk this year. Melissa Walker feels her half arabian by Erykk out of a Saddlebred mare will do very well in the halter ring, she too is breeding back to Erykk for a 2010 foal. 

We are so excited about our foals that Guy has chosen to breed his mare, AF Ellenai, dam of Canadian and US National English pleasure Champion Scarlet O'Butler  to Erykk this year.  We are looking forward to a Pure Polish bred foal with talent as good or better than Scarlet.

 We are very excited about our aquisition of Glacier (Afire Bey V x Ginuine out of  Gitara (dam of Gitar).  Guy had Gitar at this same age and he feels that Glacier fulfills the requirements of a true Arabian more than any other horse he has ever had.


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She was my heart and my inspiration

In Loving Memory

Shamrock Foxfire


It was a warm March day when I woke up and looked out the door to see Foxy down and at that moment I knew what time it was.  My heart sank and a day, with the list of tasks to complete, suddenly changed to a day dedicated to "Foxy".  When we take on the responsibility of one of these fabulous beings, we also take on the responsibility of making that final decision.  Although my head knew this my heart did not want to accept it.  The vet came out on that clear Sunday evening at and her huge heart stopped beating at sunset.  I remember that day as I remember the day, 32 years earlier, that we drove down the drive to see a beautiful, sleek 2 year old half Arabian filly running in the pasture alongside the car.  That moment was the moment my childhood dreams came true.

 She was my once in a lifetime horse.  I cannot remember her ever refusing to attempt something that was asked of her.  She seemed to excell at everything she did.  Lymes disease took away a lifetime show career at the age of 8 but in those short years she tallied up a Legion of Merit and over 900 first place wins at both open and Class A shows in everything from Halter, English and Western Pleasure to one Cloverleaf class she aced in a Versatility class.  We placed first to 22 horses that day under 3 judges.

 I continue to try to breed a horse that can match her strength and ability and heart but I believe those days will remain embedded in my heart.  I can't so much attest that it is the horses but maybe just the team, Foxy and me, that grew up and moved on to other things.

 You are so missed and so highly regarded my dear Shamrock Foxfire.  I wish you always green pastures.